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Apple offends devs by asking for Developer Transition Kits back early, then offering them a measly $200 off an M1 Mac


Re: An M1 Mac Mini isn't going to break the bank

I'm not sure why people are complaining about a device that doesn't match what users have in their hands. Wouldn't you want to test your code against the hardware that has been shipping since last November?

I did think it was a weird move by apple to charge so much for a device rental, big enough to make people think they "bought it". I probably would have done something like rental of $100 month, and you get the first 4 months free. 4 months probably bridges you until the real units ship, but you'll still get plenty of hangers on that can't be bothered, so they'll just keep getting dinged until they've more than paid for a new one.

There's always going to be those that "lost them" as they put them into their collectables vault, and Apple can just keep dinging them until they find them.

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