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UK's Superfast Broadband programme delivered value for money, says report, just don't ask about rural deployments


Its all about the money...

Rural or not rural it does not matter. Superfast will be rolled where they can then generate the most revenue/profit first, that is to the cabinets that are full of subscribers (wires, customers). Then they will roll out to other cabinets based on their subscriber count, ensuring that they can make as much profit, as early as possible. Remember the government, therefore the taxpayer, therefore you, are funding this profiteering; does this sound like state sponsorship to anyone? I have been considering trying out a freedom on information request to prove this out…

Obviously, I have an axe to grind here. I am not rural, 800 meters from the exchange, copper connected to a cabinet with 30-40 subscribers in my road, surrounded by many other streets benefiting from Superfast/FTTC, and the only option I have is good old ADSL – yes, I have looked at the Gigabit voucher scheme and USO, neither are options.

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