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It's bad enough trying to find a tap that supports my house 'water network' already. It took me a couple of weeks to find a pair of bathroom taps that worked down to 0.1 bar. 0.2 bar taps do work upstairs but not particularly well. Tolerable for a small ensuite sink but not acceptable for the main bathroom.

I'm still putting up with the 'low pressure compatible' kitchen sink taps. They claim to be 0.5 bar which in practice means that the hot tap does little more than dribble out. It's enough to fill a pan or the sink but you need the patience of a saint. I did find a 0.2 bar version but it was twice the price at nearly £300.

I hate plumbing.

P.S.: If anyone knows of a three way (hot, cold, drinking) kitchen tap with the hot/cold on a hose that works on less than 0.2 bar please tell me. Surely I'm not the only house left in the UK with a gravity-fed hot water system?

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