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> They really need to stop trying to turn their web-browser into an operating system

It's a great example of the dangers of the "because we can" mentality. It provides solutions to a problem very (very, very) few people have, at the cost of general insecurity.

One would had thought that since the original WinXP people might have started realizing that granting generous access to peoples' computers was a sure recipe for disaster. Well, apparently not.

Some years ago I once had a (real world) discussion with a developer who was trying to sell me on the idea of hardware-controlling Web apps. His enthusiasm was a joy to behold, akin to that of a little boy talking about a new toy, but he totally ignored my security considerations with the heavyweight argument of "Naah, who would do that?". Yikes. I definitely don't want stuff built by those people to run on my computer. YMMV, but please keep your botnets off my lawn.

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