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I have faith in them

I'm a loyal Asos customer and one of the reasons is because - aside from shit delivery companies they use (i.e. Hermes) - the process of getting stuff is absolutely flawless. Without wishing to sound like an advert being able to get free next day delivery and return anything over a month later - I think it's still about £10/year for this - is absolutely responding to the way people want to shop.

Whenever I hear of these "death of the high street" stories, I think, well if you can compete with this good luck to you. What Asos offer is what a considerable number of people want. That's why it works. It's not rocket science. The high street hasn't adapted to shopping habits very well. Lockdown will inevitably have helped online retailers but companies like this already had it nailed long before then.

I wish them luck and hope they don't screw it up because what they have now is about as good as it gets from an online shopping perspective.

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