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"The truth on the Cupertino end is that Apple doesn’t want to allow hardware interaction because it makes PWAs useful enough to act as a viable alternative to native apps from their App Store. Anyone who grew up with addictinggames and newgrounds knows what WASM+WebGL+WebUSB can do for those who want to build 2021’s equivalent of “free flash games” without the walled garden getting in the way."

The important part there is WebGL. Which Apple supports already as they were part of the initial development group. The second-most important part is WASM, because some of the games won't get enough performance from JS. Apple supports that already too. The only thing they don't support is the USB API. And you can only attach USB devices to the computers which have USB ports, which are also the ones which don't require apps to go through the App Store. IOS devices do have the store requirement, but they don't really have much in the way of USB support anyway. So perhaps your accusation is a bit premature.

Meanwhile, there are APIs to get keyboard, mouse, and other peripheral input. They don't need access to USB devices to do that. The quote in the article about implementing custom logic for old game controllers is pathetic, because nobody is going to include a hundred drivers for game controllers, all written in JavaScript, in a web game. That API's in here so Google can do everything from a web app, and while I don't think they have a nefarious purpose here--Chrome already has access to system-level USB if it wants--they haven't put a single thought into security vulnerabilities. Which there are, a lot of them. USB is used not only for peripherals but for some system components as well, more so on laptops. The attack surface is incredible.

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