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US court system ditches electronic filing, goes paper-only for sensitive documents following SolarWinds hack

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Paper works, use it for voting too.

There's a reason paper receipts on ballots are there, and a reason Texas and South Carolina should not be allowed to use paperless voting machines.

See Georgia voting machines? Those Dominion ones? They had paper ballot receipts, they counted the paper ballots and lo and behold the count matched. This is what ended the coup attempt, the lies could not be sustained in the face of those paper ballots.

So you can be sure Georgia Republicans didn't slot in a little extra software on those voting machines.

You cannot say the same for Texas or South Carolina with their paperless voting machines, indeed why on earth, when Federal funds are available to replace those machines with auditable ones are Republicans still running those paperless machines? The ones you cannot independently audit?

Texas sued to try to block other states votes, if Texas Republicans would attempt to rig elections so blatantly, do you think they aren't running rigging software on their paperless machines?

Paper works.

It's verifiable by everyone, it's countable by everyone. Paper voting receipts need to be mandatory everywhere. Especially in States run by Republican Seditionists.

@ Isn't that a potential vulnerability if they print anything out?

*This* also, no system on a public network that doesn't need to be on a public network. Physical security for court devices like printers and LANs.

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