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A smart choice

I've loved the internet ever since I first managed to get my 110 baud modem running, and then a BBS setup when we got 1200 baud! But these days the internet is just like sex through a hole in the toilet wall. It feels good but you have no idea what you are interacting with, machines, fakers, spammers, criminals, and occasionally your friends.

We need to upgrade to a secure communications method that means that we know who we are talking to (or having fun with). I like the idea of freedom of speech but we need to make human happiness (outside the toilet) and trust far more important. Free Speech is good, but I should not be able to say that I'm going to kill everyone who down votes this post. If I said that then it would be a terrible thing to say but it's just free speech - the Internet makes it free to be an idiot.

We need to change our world.

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