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The opposite of MS

MS were accused of absorbing the browser into the OS.

Google are absorbing the OS into the browser.

Stop it. The web browser is meant to be used to access websites, not be some great big security threat with access to everything.

When the only tool you have is a hammer....

And it's crap. Witness chromeOS. The only thing worthwhile on that is the Linux subsytem, and the android compatibility. Why did you add android capability, Google? So we could run an android BROWSER, or so we could run APPLICATIONS?

I have some intensive android-only stuff (don't ask!) and fed up with the slowness of the converted android-TV box to android-desktop box (, bought the most expensive Chromebox I could find.... It doesn't get used much.. The android parts run brilliantly fast, but the chromeos shite keeps getting in the way.

Also, my mum's eyesight is very bad - she's legally blind. She tries to use a chromebook tablet because it's meant to have good accedsability features... So why do they insist that on a tablet that will never leave her house, she HAS to enter either a login password or PIN on startup?

Why does it force start chrome everytime, despite the fact she's using android applications?

Why can't the colour of the lower bar be changed so she can see it clearly? It's black - clashes with the color of the tablets case.

Why, when you change the default "screen size" (fonts, image scaling etc) does the setting go back to default after reboot?

As for Chrome, I had problems for a while debugging intermitently failing sessions on a site.... Turns out some of the links on the site (not mine) were linked to and others to just -- the session cookie was set for the exact domain only, and bloody chrome now doesn't show the "www" part of the address, so the 2 sites were reported as the same one... WTF?

Also for chrome, I continually manually edit URLs in the URL bar. Now, every bloody time, you have to hit an extra "edit" icon to do the same.

Youtube?? The recomendations page is now full of shite, and "stories" and a sorta crude tik-tok section. Oh, and the changes made to the "drag video position" bar are so brain dead, they have to be taking the piss.. Apparently it was because "people kept accidentally seeking to the end of the video when they wanted to actually hit "fullscreen". Yes, that was another bozo design cockup. The solution anyone normal would have done would have been to reduce the size of the seek-bar, so the fullscreen button is to the right of it, at a suitable distance, but no.. can't be logical, can we?

And don't get me started on the number of scam videos youtube seems to not care showing.... Most generally have something like "the government wants to ban this", or similar, and then go on to make up more false claims about some gadget they see for 10times what you can get elsewhere.

Phew, sorry, got into a bit of a rant there!

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