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Momentum builds behind campaign to fire Nominet CEO, board – though success still far from certain


Panic at Haworth Towers

Just received another email from Nominet. They must have had a busy weekend trying to put some flesh on the bones of Friday night's missive. More sunny uplands promised for all members including

* Segmental representation to reflect views of the various business models within our broad membership

* Positions on the Council will be filled through an open member election process on a one member, one vote basis

The reason why many of the membership lost faith was precisely because Haworth et al did the opposite. Remind me why I should trust him now. Could this be a desperate ploy to retain control so that Ivan Pope's fear that these are the first steps of taking Nominet out of public service into the hands of greedy profiteers able to exploit the .uk monopoly - a la .org fiasco?

A Nominet Member

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