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There are computers at the universities, and there is a lot of competition to get the few places in the elite. If a student wishes to do well and not end up as a construction worker in the military, they have to be exceptional at something the state cares about. Those things include a variety of natural sciences for manufacturing innovation or weapons development, computer science (now, it took a while), and things that you can compete about or exhibit for external propaganda. People don't generally get to apply for roles in the government that require social sciences (E.G. diplomacy or administration) unless their family is already there, so few need to study things relevant to that.

I'm guessing you have a certain amount of computer skills because you posted here. If, during your youth, you were faced with the choices become really good at that by spending no time on anything else, become very good at nuclear physics, become a really good musician, work in manual labor at 600-700 grams of rice (if you live in the nice places, otherwise it's the same amount of a grain with less caloric content), or die, which would you have done?

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