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"Whilst what they did was very badly explained when it was introduced, the "throttling" actually allowed people to continue to use their phones for longer than they could have otherwise (i.e., when they battery was so badly worn that heavy use of the phone would cause it it reboot)."

For context, I have one of the affected models. The following are true:

1. The first unexpected reboot I know about occurred a year or so after purchase. It's not possible for me to check if any occurred beforehand.

2. It applied the performance decrease then, which I normally don't notice but sometimes it's clear.

3. I never turned off the slowing feature. I figured I could live with the performance decrease.

4. It still shuts down unexpectedly, and actually somewhat frequently. Battery level measurement is unreliable and sometimes it will shut down when the battery supposedly has more than half of its life remaining. It will then not turn on again until connected to mains power, and it will report a very low battery level then.

5. Apple-authorized service providers tell me that they can't replace my battery yet because the battery health percentage needs to be at 79% or lower. It has been stuck at 81% for months.

6. I have no method to measure what the faulty battery has done to the performance or the reliability because the only metric is a never-changing number.

Now you are probably right that, had I disabled the throttling, I'd have to deal with even more crashes and worse battery life. That, in my mind, is no excuse for the problems caused by their failure to consider how much power they need a battery to give. I am out of warranty, so I can't require them to fix the problem, but I do view it as the fault of their design, and it does cause problems. Fortunately, I don't rely on my phone very much, so it crashing and requiring a wall connection is simply an annoyance. For others, it may be much worse.

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