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Apple slapped with €60m lawsuit from Italian consumer rights org for slowing down CPUs in old iPhones

Chris G Silver badge

"Companies are'nt goint support products for ever"

I am currently waiting for a full gasket and repair kit to arrive in the post, for my 1977 Briggs & Stratton engine on a generator, incidentally, the genny is British made and I can still buy parts for that too.

Companies like Apple are primarily sales organisations driven to maximise profit by selling new units an charging as much as possible for both the items and their maintenance.

Lifetime is pre-planned as a part of the basic business model even if the quality in Apple's case is reasonably high it is still a marketing operation driven by the company and not the customer.

Companies like Briggs became ubiquitous by selling a well engineered product as well as excellent service, a pity that few manufacturers use their business model anymore.

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