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Enough all ready...

Whilst what they did was very badly explained when it was introduced, the "throttling" actually allowed people to continue to use their phones for longer than they could have otherwise (i.e., when they battery was so badly worn that heavy use of the phone would cause it it reboot). The change was also applied to _all_ iPhones, not just the older ones.

The feature helped me recently when the battery in my iPhone 7 failed when all the stores were closed due to Covid lockdowns - I was able to continue using my phone without any major performance hits for the six weeks I had to wait before I could get the battery changed*.

I just wish someone could get a court to understand this and balance it against the "Apple did this to force people to buy a new phone" claims.

Awaiting down votes from the Apple haters...

* Which is another story - they broke my phone, replacing it there and then with a new one (same model / spec).

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