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Scottish enviro bods shrug off ransomware gang's extortion attempt as 4,000 files dumped online, saying it's nothing big

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I work for a medical tech company and we see hospital ransomware attacks 3-5 times per year on average. They are 99% caused by someone clicking a link in a phishing email and their compromised PC then gives an "in" for the hackers who escalate and run their ransomware. We see it often enough that we actively recommend to our customers to check their backups regularly and keep copies elsewhere, ideally offsite. The 1% are caused by someone plugging an infected USB stick into a PC that either has disabled or very outdated AV.

As for the anti-Windows brigade,... grow up. The most used desktop OS is Windows (77%), therefore most companies write their software for Windows, therefore most hackers target Windows. 20 years ago Linux/Unix was inherently more secure than Windows but time has moved on and Windows is now much more secure. The only serious threat to Windows dominance in the desktop market is OSX at 18% and those are almost all media companies. Linux/Unix at 2% of desktop OSes is a drop in the ocean. Unix has been around forever in various flavours and Linux has been around for 28+ years and while they have their place in the market, the office desktop seems not to be it (outside of OSX) and all your monotonous whining about Windows over the years has not and will not change that any time soon.

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