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Ask the folk at Linux who also have shared libraries. Hell, to be honest just start writing efficient code and then we can get away with a hello world program that fits in a few hundred bytes instead of a few megabytes. I was looking at some code today, C++, the guy who wrote it clearly had no idea that he could add extra functions, use defines instead of magic numbers, indeed the program contains a nice memory leak of an object as to boot because he instantiated one then reassigned that to another instantiation instead of using a pointer. The pointer would also have meant he didnt need the flag variable. A little refactor and in fact neither was needed and all the duplicate code between the 10 cases that were identical bar one word and the then the (yet another flag) controlled aftermath from the 10 cases that happened 40 more lines down the file (yes more than 40 more lines of processing in a switch) ... oh well.

At this point I hold my hand up to having written a 120+line switch statement in the past but I defend that I did get round to cleaning it up before dumping it on a customer

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