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Microsoft SolarWinds analysis: Attackers hid inside Windows systems by wearing the skins of legit processes

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No shit sherlock

I mean, the easiest way surely and at some point it must be said that if you dont know whats supposed to be running, you dont have a chance of checking what runs and you cant check the checksum of the object running is what you expect it is then you dont have a secure system.

If you go look at the tasks running in a windows machine today it numbers hundreds... what the hell most of them doing I doubt even Microsoft engineers have a clue. Why they are all consuming my CPU when I dont actually want to do more than browse some porn heaven only knows... but it probably goes a long way to explain the 10 minutes staring at a revoloving set of dots because I was stupid enough to lock the machine when I left it, or the 20 minutes it takes to shut down (what the hell is it doing... sending all my passwords to the NSA, Russia and GCHQ just in case?

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