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FTTC still doesn't provide that great a provision to a large number of properties. There are still areas of towns that can only achieve 2-10mbps via BTO (SN8 4AX, as an example, offers a "stay fast" guarantee of 3mbps in a town with ~8,000 population)

A previous address of mine, just checked, can now achieve the giddy heights of 28mbps (when I lived there 5 years ago it was 2mbps if you were lucky). It may have been rural, but certainly not remote - it's just that the exchange was in the next village.

The postcode I currently live at, near central Oxford, will only offer me 6mbps guaranteed via BTO. Yeah, very remote. Thankfully I can also get Virgin Media, so can get a halfway decent bitrate that way, and haven't had to resort to trying the city's 5G coverage (which I'm told there is, although 4G may be faster at the moment due to current spectrum allocations)

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