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Maker of crowd-sourced coronavirus spread tracker app sues Apple for 'arbitrary and capricious' iOS store snub


Did you read the filing?

To quote it: "Apple was then provided with supporting and sponsorship documentation from Coronavirus Reporter’s Chief Medical Officer, a former Chief Physician at NASA during the Space Race, and the former President of multiple world-renowned academic medical centers. "

If what is claimed is true, Apple did a dirty on someone for no valid reason again. It's an antitrust suit which seems pretty valid to me as it's not based on lost profits but is being filed on principle. They're only asking for $75,000 in damages and relief in the form of issuing "a permanent injunction under the Sherman Act restraining Defendant’s App Store from restricting reasonable applications from access to the global internet" which is fair enough.

This is basically a decent version of the Epic Games lawsuit filed by developers who put people before profit. I can see them getting a helping hand from others very quickly, resulting in Apple having a hard time.

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