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Leaked memo suggests LG is thinking about quitting the smartphone biz in 2021

Piro Silver badge

I'd buy one if they made a smaller phone chock with old school goodness.

3.5mm jack, IR blaster, dual SIM AND micro SD, large battery, unlockable bootloader, and entirely flat screen (I want a screen protector to stick evenly, dammit!). Qi charging would also be nice, and a build that isn't stupid like all glass.

Readily replacable battery wouldn't go amiss either. In a, at most, 140x70mm body, preferably 135x65 or so.

The Redmi 4X I have has a 15 Wh battery in 139x70x8.7mm with close to all those features, so I don't want to hear that small phones can't have large batteries.

My old RAZR MAXX HD had a sizeable battery in an even smaller frame. I'd consider the design and build of that to be almost completely spot on. It had a great feel but without having a slippery glass back.

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