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* ... SMARTR ACTive COSMIC Info Dumps .... Mirroring Brave Moves**

On a simple quickly performed deeper packet intrusion/investigation of sterling Brave WANT development ...... and please, let's hear that thunderous applause loud and clear for the teams if one also be made of right revolutionary stuff ...... the following was discovered shared,

With this prototype, we showed the value of leveraging the wealth of information gathered from previous network activity (i.e. WANT messages). We have proven that this information can be extremely useful in subsequent content discovery performance as previous requests are strong indicators of where the content lives. .....

It is best realised and accepted that previous requests are merely strong indicators of where the content has lived and may or may not still be living there, for it may well have moved on to also inhabit and exhibit in another space place too and display further worthy WANT information there too. Such though is default consistent with the nature of quantum bit communication everywhere where/when, put in simple terms for all to try to register and enjoy, a this is also a that and together entangled can be something else altogether quite different and practically anything virtually chosen to appear as developing and evolving and augmenting alternative advanced intelligent reality modules for the Presentation of Available Derivative Futures with an AI Leading Media Programming Live Operational Virtual Environments with Novel and Noble, Universally Shared Content Feeds*

** ... An absolute nightmare with catastrophic vital systems flash crash potential for impotent bankrupt status quo establishments devoid of practically exploitable proprietary intellectual property/viable future friendly ideas.

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