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From a computer science point of view, a 1.6 trillion item data set is ONLY a 2D-XY 1000 by 1000 item array with a time period of 1600.

or expressed as the following pseudocode:


// I.e. a 32-bit evaluation record containing any user-defined Boolean type

// Expert System or A.I.-centric data that is evaluated within a For-Next loop.

Evaluation_Record_Type = Record


Error_Code : Byte;

YES_NO_MAYBE_Evaluation : Byte;

Current_Evaluation_State : Byte;


// Define a 3D-XYZ array of ONE BILLION Boolean Evaluation records.

Evaluation_Data_3D_Array_Type =

Array[ ZERO..999, ZERO..999, ZERO..999 ] of Evaluation_Record_Type;

// Define 1600 sets of a 3D-XYZ array of Evaluation Records

Time_Domain_Evaluation_Array = Array[ ZERO..1599 ] of Evaluation_Data_3D_Array_Type;

The above data set is now a 1.6 TRILLION item array of 32-bit long records!

We actually do this in our sleep all day every day!

I even do this on my personal el-cheapo workstation since I have 8 terabytes of RAM so I can hold that ENTIRE data set in system RAM alone! AND since I run SIMD and MIMD processing on that dataset i can number-crunch all that data in less than 10 seconds (32-bits wide at 50 TeraFLOPS on our cheapo AMD GPUs) -- We can do that processing in mere nanoseconds if we use the our 60 GHz GaAs multi-cpu monster-machines!

A 1.6 Trillion item data set is SMALL POTATOES these days!

Call me when you get to Multi-ExaByte-sized and Zetta-Byte sized data sets!!!


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