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As a programmer it always interests me when some web component crashes and I get a display of the code used to make it (happened just yesterday). Even allowing for the lack of formatting the stuff's unreadable, it seems to be just a collection of object methods and library calls without any underlying 'What/Why/How'. Apparently people get paid good money to write this stuff.

I also regard Javascript as inherently evil. I've got nothing against scripting languages in general or the practice of embedding scripts in web pages but the kinds of contortions that people do in order to get the pages to do things they were never originally designed to do reminds me of the kinds of contortions wannabe programmers did back in the very early days when they were trying to get some version of Rom BASIC to behave like an operating system. As the envelope gets pushed structure and readability suffer -- the most dangerous person in the room is a really clever programmer, they'll invariably know all the tweaks and workarounds and idiosyncracies, amazing stuff that leave everyone with a steamin' pile to maintain, upgrade and generally sort out. Languages that encourage this behavrior need to be neutered.

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