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A quicker fix.

Shoot javascript through the head. Don't even bother wasting the time to take it out behind the barn just do it in the front yard and leave the corpse as a warning to others.

Javascript is a security nightmare that rapes and pillages our computers. We don't want the virus' and RCE/priveledge escalation/yadda yadda yadda exploit du juor to be rammed down our throats so we turn javascript off to combat it which makes your javascript infested sites complain that we're either running an insecure browser (snort), an incompatible browser, or it's otherwise unsupported. Get bent. You don't get to dictate what we use to access the web - it's your job to make a site that can be accessed by the viewer not to demand the visitor be running version x of browser y on OS z. That would be like a physical store telling potential customers that they have to be wearing only clothing made of all synthetic fibers in non-soy-based dyes and in a narrow range of spectra that only aged half-dead iguanas can discern.

You want us to visit then don't use the tech that actively chases us away. We want security, you want to run javascript, guess where our money goes when you turn us away...

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