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Frameworks are not your friend.

Just finished a rewrite of a fairly large/complex vanity project. The first time around I'd hunted around for a framework - settled on knockout.js, with framework7. Coming back to it after three years was impossible - framework7, in particular, had moved on so much a complete rework was required. And the build process was just ridiculous, and I say this as someone comfortable with makefiles and ant.

So I redid it without any framework at all. No more stupid wrapper div hierarchies with weird naming conventions, no more overarching paradigms that change every few months, no more desperate attempts to build the project without downloading the internet. Just querySelectorAll, addEventListener and careful use of CSS. Result is about 25% of the original size, and what I've got actually looks like JavaScript. It's quite a pleasant language so long as you use it as designed, and not whatever structure your framework-du-jour has imposed.

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