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Lets get rid of these expensive clowns before we have a real disaster. And we don't need AI to see it coming. ...... Al fazed

Howdy doody, AI fazed,

Re: real disasters ridding y'all of expensive clowns, here's a present one for the future you don't need AI to see it coming ......

amanfromMars [2101110637] ....... just saying on

The U.S. is already borrowing money to pay its interest today. If rates go up, they’re getting into the cycle where they have to borrow more just to be able to pay interest, which is not a good position.

The question no one answers correctly whenever asked of the U.S. and/or any country with colossal mountains of debt with huge costly programs and projects requiring unlimited spending/distribution and allocation of fiat currencies that create further massive interest incurring deficits to be added to the aforementioned crippling national debt figure, ad infinitum, is who on Earth would be both fool and certifiably insane enough to even begin to contemplate accepting that irreconcilable Sisyphean burden, and have that sort of wealth to give away to somebody else who cannot ever be able and therefore will never ever repay and return the favour in a future in which no one responsible for or presently living in the current increasingly rapidly unfolding existing systems collapsing disaster, exists?

Is it dead wrong to answer no such person or group of persons exists, and further reveal that no such person or group of persons has ever existed nor will ever exist in the future either, and you are all magnificently conned/pwnd ‽ .

It is though not as if the masquerade has not been alluded to before and shared with you  .....

It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. ..... Henry Ford

Does anything need to be done about it to fix it? Do you want to do anything about it or do you want someone else to do something about on your behalf? Or are you happy to bury your heads in the sand and kick the can down the road and allow the ongoing situation to continue to its logical catastrophic implosion?

Do you even know what the fix is ‽ . 

And if you want to see what surreal world debt looks like, albeit with it being pictured for 2012 rather than 2021, cast your beady eyes across and down this page and then try to tell yourself none of all of the above is not true, and you are not being conned big time :-)

Can you imagine what the current pictures would be?

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