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Carpe Diem .... There's Nothing to Lose but Your Earthly Chains :-) *

Given Cummings's well-deserved fall from grace, I would expect Faculty's influence over the public sector to wane in the immediate future. ..... Anonymous Coward

Oh? While that may be one possibility, AC, there are many more others available where, with Dominic Cummings and Co having finally, eventually recognised that petrified and terrifying government inadequacies in furtherance of a creaky leaky vessel titanically holed below the waterline be the staid, and totally unsuited to the vibrant dynamic future, Parliamentary Opposition Politics model being practised in the hallowed halls and clusters of cloisters of Westminster, the anonymous private and pirate sector makes government[s] a series of offers well beyond their own subversive and coercive and self-rewarding control they cannot refuse ........ for/or the consequences be positively dire and extremely illuminating.

And maybe the Guardian will grow a pair too, and start to share some great future news rather than anything else like the current stodge servered and which is based in the past to mindlessly numb and entertain the present?

* And aint that the honest gospel truth simply told.

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