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And ?

I have a long memory and as far as mine is still working and the brain is responding to stimulii, I don't see any change in the form of political idiocy. What's new ? Two letters .... AI ?

Three letters WTF.

These wannabe historical mouth pieces are just privileged and big wage earners, doing their usual cow towing to the whims of their own particular big business mates. They blatantly ignore the research/findings of any organisation that is considerd a leader in the field, or even a regulator of the field, whilst still pumping public money into it. The "political type" personality will always favour their school chums, professional mates and relatives over the best person/outfit for the job. And they should not be allowed to enter politics, the military or business, unless you are hoping for controversy..

My guru tells me to not worry about making mistakes every day, just don't keep making the same mistake whilst expecting a different outcome.

Lets get rid of these expensive clowns before we have a real disaster. And we don't need AI to see it coming.

Why are they not building more hospitals and schools to deal with the huge loss in front line troops caused by the on going pandemic ?

Because AI did not tell them to ?

So far, in 68 years of life I have seen little signs of human intelligence, please indicate why people are interested in creating replicas of our idiocies. HELP HELP HELP HELP He..

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