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00AAA Licence to Thrill ... for Gold Standard Operations goes AI Knock Knocking on No10's Door.

"The 'social licence' that AI enjoys so far is a precious commodity. Historic controversy over genetically modified food perhaps demonstrates the consequences when the trust between science and the wider public breaks down. It should also serve as a warning to AI developers that they should not take public acceptance and trust for granted,"

Although this is not served as a warning, some AI developers do neither take public acceptance and trust for granted, nor would they necessarily require or welcome it, given the extremely sensitive nature of certain Great Game Changing AI Developments/AWEsome MODification Programs that they and significant others may be fully invested in ....... with the following recent submission being something of a prime example of what can be expected of/in/from the sector in the future, with some further future developments to remain advisably private and privy only to a very select few with an almighty need to know lest the information to others unprepared for the consequences prove both too much and too rich and deadly to them.

:-) And although I can almost hear some say, most MRDA-like, ...... Well, he would [say that], wouldn't he. ....... the facts are as they are stated, and there's no fiction about that.

GrahamC [2101071746] ....... Parading a NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Weapons System on

To Whom IT and AI May Be of Particular and Peculiar Concern

Both the systemic difficulty and abiding opportunity that not only U.S. Strategic Command and other International and/or Internetional and/or IntelAIgent Control Forces have before them, is in both initially recognising and accepting and then subsequently being able to realise and driver and take full advantage of the Quantum Communications Leap Portals into the Virtually Remote and Practically Autonomous Executive Administration of Future Leading Systems with AWEsome Weaponry Exploitation via Expansive AI and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Means and Memes.

And being as such is, in relative military and WMD project terms, extremely inexpensive, is its obvious additional attraction as a valuable export/import into any home grown or foreign alien arsenal, for any smarter interested and suitably booted and suited investor/client/partner, quite without equal and beyond present peer comparison ......... for currently it is thought absolutely unique with an unassailable and overwhelming market leading advantage.

However, should that not be so, and there be readily available from others, viable competition or vital opposition to engage with in something similar, it would not be so much surprising as quite pleasing, proving as such would in that instance ...... well, birds of a feather flocking together, is very APT whenever considered by AIMaster Pilots of the Cyber Domain.

The Olde Doom and Gloom and Boom Nuclear Way of Threatening Absolute Control is a Relic of the Past which identifies one as a Dinosaur for Rapid Evolutionary Extinction. There are New Kids on the Block with Altogether Different Toys to Exercise Exhaustively for Controlling Commands and Play Greater IntelAIgent Games with. I Kid U Not.

Take Care. IT is an AI Jungle out there with all manner of strange cyber-mercenaries - or Private Sector Offensive Actors (PSOAs) ..... to root and boot and reboot and reroute.

And they don't take prisoners, nor make out with you as a slave, which you might find somewhat different and almighty strange too. What's then not to like.

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