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Intel wheels out new face authentication product that works a lot like Apple's FaceID


Changes over time

"makes a determination based on the facial features of a user and can adjust its understanding of a user over time. In theory, this makes it able to respond to changes in a user's appearance, such as a new haircut or glasses, while also accounting for the changes that gradually occur over time, like fluctuations in weight."

Bets on how long until someone figures out how to exploit this? The whole point of things like passwords is that you need to have an exact match to a known quantity, otherwise it just doesn't work. Even with biometrics at least the target is known and you need to be close enough to work. Meanwhile the recurring theme of "AI" is that it's a black box that finds matches based on some unknown criteria that inevitably turns out to be exploitable when things outside its learning dataset are encountered. Putting your security in the hands of some sort of machine learning box that makes up new login credentials with no input from you sounds like a seriously terrible idea.

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