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Scottish council awards Unit4 £4.75m support and hosting contract as it seemingly runs out of options

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The horror, the horror...

I'm not an accountant so I have no idea about the "professional" quality of the software in that area, but I have to use it for some budgetary purposes and the UI is IMHO a nightmare.

It has all the appearance of an ancient green-screen terminal app converted by some mechanical means to a web version. Tab between fields in a strict order, and type in the right codes. Stray from the primrose path and you are entering a world of pain which usually ends up with logging out and starting again. The "help" buttons are of the "BLUDGE Code: Enter the appropriate Bludge code" style. We had an upgrade to Version 2 which broke various supplier integrations and made it even less usable.

I don't know if other ERP software is any better, perhaps I should consider myself lucky I'm allowed to use it, but sometimes I get pangs of nostalgia for the days when you filled in a pink chitty and handed it in at the Stores...

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