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3G ain’t totally dead yet: Verizon pushes back cut-off plans to some unspecified future date


I guess Verizon's in more of a rush than most to kill 3G as theirs is based on a quite proprietary Qualcomm CDMA-2000 technology, which has come to a dead end with their 4G and 5G networks effectively being 3GPP (GSM family) technologies overlaid on top of it. So, for those CDMAOne/2000 operators the need to move on is more urgent.

3GPP's legacy standards i.e. 2G GSM and 3G UMTS can be typically supported on more flexible modern RAN infrastructure minimising or almost entirely eliminating waste of bandwidth and without needing to use separate overlays of modern and legacy infrastructure.

There'll be plenty of 2G hanging on in Europe, particularly for slow M2M communications for things like electricity and gas meters that were kitted out with 2G chipsets.

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