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One of the reasons the uptake is so high is because all the consumer users have no option but to update. This is the sort of bull that sounds good on paper but actually is a total load of fud. For consumers (not on professional or enterprise versions) they you take what Microsoft offers, you can delay a bit for for most they don't even notice. There is just an update that take a bit (hours?) longer.

Then there is all the shite around Edge. This is going back to all the bad old days of Internet Explorer and is in many ways worse. It is constantly being put back, asking to be the default, changing settings. Every time there is a Windows Update it appears to reset all the Edge stuff. Just why the hell does Edge need to run in the background? The only thing this does is make it appear to load faster than the other browsers so this has the potential for everyone to do the same. The fact that Microsoft have chosen to override the default browser for the most mundane bits of "information" about Windows is just wrong.

The trouble is that it will take so long for the regulators to do anything about it the damage will have been done. The only hope is that Google take them on sooner.

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