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I'd argue the West is worse (barely). Here in the USA this sort of news is gagged by the US government, well, unless someone like Edward Snowden pops up. I can tell you all about the USA's industrial revolution and I can tell you it wasn't clean or even remotely ethical. China's treatment of their workers during their current industrial revolution (ie. now) is identical to that of which the USA treated their workers... almost. For instance, the only signs in China that technology has progressed worldwide for their industrial workers is that *some* are offered sleeping quarters at work, that is actually a large step up from what the USA workers had. But outside of that... same, same.

Of course the criticism of the Chinese government for doing this isn't invalid at all, but it is sad that Western governments have trained their people so well that they are very eager to jump to be critical of others. Whatever, I'm sitting behind a keyboard so I won't be changing it, how about you?

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