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Alibaba admits it built facial-recognition-as-a-service to detect oppressed Uyghur minority in China

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It seems that China is the future of the world. Money is there now... West is in decline. This is what we've got to look forward to.

China is where the cheap unskilled factory-fodder currently is. But those wages have been rising for about a decade now as labour demand outstrips supply and standards of living in China generally rise. Give it ten or twenty years and they will join much of the rest of Asia, Japan, USA, Europe etc as post-industrial rust belts where non-specialist manufacturing isn't competitive any more.

I imagine the next stop is Africa. Unskilled labour is already cheaper in much of Africa than in China, the only thing that prevents industry moving there now are the cost overheads of dealing with the endemic corruption and the warlords.

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