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Agreed, OVH used to be in my good books because they didn’t have exposure to the US. Their North American data centres were all in Canada.

Due to acquisitions they now have US centres too, tainting them with partial US jurisdiction. They are now in my ‘medium books’.

I would obviously never host in a US data centre but I am also not keen on indirect exposure. Some of my clients are legally not even allowed to have this kind of exposure.

It’s a shame because in OVH and Hetzner we probably have the only two European companies that have the potential to become serious mid-tier players in the cloud space. There was an, I believe, Italian company too that I considered to have potential at one point but they were acquired by a US based entity.

I still use OVH for some projects, however, and I feel over the last year or so they’ve improved a lot on the little niggles I used to have. I like their anti-DdoS offerings for instance.

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