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What's the price of failure? For Capita, it's a £140m extension to its MoD recruiting contract

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Time and time again

The MoD shell out hundreds of millions on single source contracts to suppliers who fail to deliver. Then they pay again. The failure is hidden and more money is paid out on an 'upgrade' when its really just giving what should've been paid in the first place.

No civil servant ever gets reprimanded. Its often a cosy hush-up with the 'customers friend' organisation as well.You want to see money wasted, look at Bowman or in its latest guise, EvO. A third of a billion for a 100Mbsec 8 port switch which hasn't been delivered. Or Lockheed M and the Warrior turret replacement. 150 million eaten for absolutely nothing.

Until someone is bought to account this will just go on and on. This relentless poor delivery is just laziness and arrogance.

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