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The end of innocence

Internet is "growing up", that means it is being taken over by commercial interests, and the former nerdvana is slowly turning into a huge mall, built to take your money (want it or not).

It happens continuously, right before our eyes, but we don't (want to) see it. Remember when common people used to create small websites about their personal interests? Back then people owned the Internet, today "the Internet" (Google, Facebook) owns them.

The Manifest v3 issue is just another stone in the wall, some oddballs will grumble about it for a while, but eventually it will become the new normal. The masses will go "whatcha gonna do?", and life will go on. (And please don't mention Piholes and other nonsense: That's not a society-wide solution, it's just the privileged bragging about their privileges. A little like dropping in a discussion about traffic congestion that your private helicopter is so comfortable and fast.)

If the people really want to get out from the commercial meat grinder, they need to fight it at the political and legal level. And be aware it will be an uphill battle, given the millions spent in lobbying, and the governments' own desire to keep tabs on the Great Unwashed: Everybody who is somebody or has something to say wants to fleece you in some way.

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