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When I read about such-and-such a country having laws promoting conservative moral values, be it Iran, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Saudi Arabia or the US, I just remind myself that everyone else is saddled with their own version of Republicans.

Incidentally, 'theocratic craphole' used to be pretty good description of Ireland. It is probably a reasonably accurate description of modern day Poland for the same reasons -- the domination of society by religious fundamentalisms. Here in the US we've got the same tendencies but they're more or less held in check by the Constitution. It doesn't stop us from having to fight endless legal and legislative battles with religion, it just doesn't seem to be able to leave people alone. The typical Muslim cleric is fairly enlightened compared to the Conference of Catholic Bishops (who think its OK to deny Joe Biden communion because he won't take a hard line anti-abortion stance, or rather 'won't cross that line separating church and state' and do what they tell him to do).

As for Iran and programmers -- judging by the Iranians I've worked with they've got plenty of good ones. It will give them something to do because the sanctions regimes prevent them from bidding on foreign contracts.

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