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"It wouldn't surprise me if China's digital currency had a way of tracking people and their purchases secretly built into it..."

You would be incorrect. Instead, China's digital currency has a way of tracking people and their purchases explicitly and openly built into it... They don't want it to be secret; they don't need to make people trust it in order to make people use it. They want it well known that, if you use your money for something the state wouldn't like, you're getting tracked down and jailed. They've already been making clear that they're tracking everything else to make their citizens scared of possible repercussions. They have surveillance systems which they describe in detail and don't bother to hide at all, a thing called social credit score which is exactly what it sounds like and is clearly explained, rules about what's not allowed on the internet and a convenient tip line to let them know when someone's violating it, and many more systems of that nature. This is just one more step in that.

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