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The UK government has a very long, ignominious (even spectacular) history of specifying and procuring shockingly poor departmental/interdepartmental/government-wide I.T. systems which went massively over-budget, came in years late and, ultimately, completely failed to do the job they were originally intended for.

For example(s), few government departments can view linked records with other parts of the *same* department; few government departments or agencies can see what other departments/agencies’ systems hold (or interact with them); the NHS system is barely able to pull up patients’ medical records to check what medications they’re prescribed or whether they’ve been progressed (let alone delivered)(despite digital prescriptions being “introduced” 2+ years ago). Much of the time, hospitals are not linked into dentists, opticians, GP surgeries, et al., and vice versa.

We’ve seen hundreds of ex-government Ministers, formerly responsible for overseeing the procurement and implementation of these failed systems, appear with sickening regularity appear upon retirement (or being voted out), on the Boards of these same failed contracting companies as “Consultants” — at £350,000+ for four days work per annum. Brown envelopes are a thing of the past. Nowadays, British politicians are bribed with future Board positions to approve the company bid today.

This year particularly, UK taxpayers have been witness to numerous hopelessly flawed major contracts going, not to the best bidder of a protracted tendering process, but to direct chums of the Ministers responsible for awarding contracts: some companies even receiving “Most favoured business status”, of the Prime Minister — who himself “bunged” a contract or two, without any tendering process whatsoever, to Serco (an outfit with such a long/disgraceful record of public sector failures and overcharging, that much of their time is spent being prosecuted in courts).

“All perfectly legal”, Ministers claim: “Because we changed the law nine months ago, er, er... because of Covid”.

Against this dire historical background and blatant corruption, politics aside, we can all be absolutely certain that no system specified and endorsed by the British government in Whitehall, will ever do what it’s been purchased for — or required to do.

Essentially, it all boils down to money — and Westminsters’ MP’s, Cabinet Members, Ministers and the PM have proven themselves expert in shamelessly fleecing every penny they can possibly gouge for themselves and their rich chums from the woefully undefended public purse.

This cloud project will be exactly the same, mark my words.

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