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UK government puts £750m on the table as it looks to deal directly with cloud providers

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Exactly this writ large ... and ...

“The UK government's desire to work directly with big vendors is not limited to the cloud. In June it put out feelers to figure out what the prospects of working directly with the big application vendors might look like,”

Perhaps Oracle and other ‘integrated’ ERP/Payroll/Accounts suppliers could with the coercion of CCS design a small/medium/large/metropolitans/county or region sized implementations to ‘the same things all councils do’ - council tax/social services/highways/public health/refuse/procurement/payroll etc.. etc.. that how should I describe it ...’just Fucking work’ and that interface to consumers and central govt and NHS in a common collective and secure fashion.

It would save every council in the nation from pissing this money up and over the the wall.

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