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Any chance that some of that moolah might go into hiring a bunch of knowledgeable cloud-techies to work for the public sector directly, so they can understand the requirements and ensure best value? Rather than hiring in expensive consultancies to tell the public sector what it needs? ...... Blitheringeejit

I like to think that advanced common sense would prevail and there be every chance of that being a widespread future reality in a postmodern present global reprogramming project, Blitheringeejit, especially whenever it is not necessary that anybody who doesn't already know what to do, needs to do actually anything other than listen to and try to heed and carry out future provided instructions. And it isn't as if things are going to be made too difficult for assets to perform. That would be a certifiable madness and both counter-productive and self-destructive. Indeed, in Deed, a Fatal Folly for Fools to Follow.

"The services can most simply and usefully be thought of as a commodity 'utility' service where buyers connect to and use the supplier's platform and processing resources for their own requirements,” the tender said. ...... The government only wants bids from providers with "full and exclusive control" of the infrastructure that underpins their platforms which are capable of providing the services primarily from within the UK.

Ok, that sounds realistic and reasonable and unencumbering of second and third party hinderances and corrupting vested interests ..... which is certainly surely something of a virgin novelty in governments of late ..... and certainly of avid and rabid interest to principals posting comment on such matters as matter and be oft discussed and registered here for collective non-selective peer review.

All that is needed now from both governments and future infrastructure service suppliers alike are a list of the ideally leading exclusive goods to be provided. And it is not an inconsequential and insignificant market place, for many others also would be seeking future leading goods and raw core complementary ore/proprietary intellectual property there, not least the cowboys and injuns across the pond in the Wild Wacky West direction ........

GrahamC [2012040912/1104] ..... keeping it surprisingly simple on

Now, the Defense Department is looking for new pathways to add to this framework, Lord noted. For instance, the Pentagon is working with the nascent Space Force to examine the best ways for obtaining systems it may need.

“We are really committed to developing a tailored space vehicle pathway if needed,” she said. “The department is working with the Space Force to determine if there are any tools needed.”

As sophisticated and ground-breaking and great game changing as some of these new disruptive systems and technocracies may be, ....and it would a major folly easily immediately punished if one were not to realise the emergence and proliferation of such in the present mainstream, ...... it can be surprisingly simple to capture and captivate future necessary needs and feeds via that well tested staple of enriching principal sources with fiat currency. And that facility is one which is available to anyone from anywhere which has access to and can exercise such a convenient utility.

It has quite an excellent successful well proven track record, and as a tailored space vehicle pathway to desired riches, quite a stealthy ubiquitous craft.

The only real difficulty preventing guaranteed success in such a venture is in identifying the worthy principals to benefit from such effective blunt enrichments.

.... which returns on attempts at posting ....[Sorry, an error has occurred on the page you are trying to access.]

00ps! That is surely not usually supposed to happen whenever one hits the "submit comment" button there . And what is one to think whenever it fails to accept comment for a second time, a couple of hours later? Too much imaginative speculation on that could put one in a right spin, if one were easily put in a right spin.

Sometimes it really can be a case of ...."Was it something which was said?" ...... which has systems going into spasm and lockdown and/or DDoS Meltdown.

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