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On the old definition of third world, it actually was a third world country. I volunteered there in the 1980s and can attest.

Original definition of 'third world' was geo-political.

First world - Countries aligned with the US/old world axis

Second World - Contries aligned with the USSR or China

Third world - ex colonial, non aligned countries....

Later definitions led to the terms being redefined against economic metrics

First world - Economic Core, etc. Third world was defined as 'periphery' with low technology industries...

That definition went out in the 1980's - though even then, India was classified as third world.

The current, and politically correct term now is BRIC - which refers to countries moving from 'third world' to challenge 'First world'....

Indias per capita gdp is less than 2,000 USD - while typical 'first world' countries GDP is considered at least 20,000 (US is almost 60,000, for context)

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