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Assassin's Creed Valhalla is a monastery-burning romp that would be way better if it was not an Assassin's Creed game

Dinanziame Silver badge

The Animus plot was okay in the beginning, and it was even somewhat interesting in AC Brotherhood — you got to do something in the "present". But then, they borked the end of the plot; it was never interesting afterwards.

I can understand the author of the article dropping the original title in the middle out of boredom; it was more a proof of concept than a finalized game. However, I found AC 2 breathtakingly beautiful, with a much more interesting story. I haven't played games after Syndicate, but most of those I played gave a really deep immersion in historical events, full of explanations about what was going on at the time, with the odd details — e.g when Robespierre was arrested, he was found with a gunshot wound to the jaw; probably a suicide attempt but details aren't known. Well, that's a scene in the game.

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