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> I'm also convinced its too steep a learning curve for many C# / Java developers.

This is always hard to tell of course, but I did find Rust pretty hard to learn when I started working with it. Mostly because of the borrow checker; the actual concept is not too bad, but the consequences of lifetimes I found hard to deal with. Nowadays, it is much less of a problem. I seem to use explicit lifetimes rarely, normally just one at a time, and they just slow in there and away you go.

There are two possible reasons for this. One is that I am just a better rust programmer than I was and what used to be hard has become second nature. But, the other is that Rusts borrow checker has become noticeably more forgiving than in the past, which, of course, it has. It's quite possible that the learning curve is not what it was when you learned it.

I also think that he documentation is partly at fault; the Rust book spends too much time talking about lifetimes and leaves you feeling that Rc and the like are for desperate times. In actuality, they are there to use, effectively adding GC for when you need it.

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