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Assassin's Creed Valhalla is a monastery-burning romp that would be way better if it was not an Assassin's Creed game

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Anonymous Coward

I love open world games like Far Cry, Phantom Pain V, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Just Cause, etc.

I hate parkour. It's microsecond twitch based gameplay that I hate. I am sure some folk enjoy it, but that is their perogative.

Because the AC series incorporates and gates significant progress behind parkour skills, the whole series is not for me.

Unfortunately all AC title like Dying Light chooses to make parkour a central progress gating mechanic. You may have choices about what you do and where, but if you want to progress, you have to run the parkour course timed challenges or make these insane jumps for almost ever single significant story or character progression step.

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