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Bjarne Stroustrup is Danish, but he developed C++ at Bell Labs. One of his design constraints was that it was targeted at people who already knew C but not Algol. Otherwise, he might have done a mild update of Simula-67 (which he knew). The culture has a big effect. (Stroustrup's mathematical elegances shine dimly through the New Jersey crud in stuff like the way inheritance works and the operator overloading. Perhaps not coincidentally, some people hate those things in the language.)

Guido van Rossum, on the other hand, invented Python at the Dutch CWI (their national maths and computer science research insitute), the very same place that produced Algol-68.

Erlang was developed by Joe Armstrong (British) and others at Ericsson, a Swedish company. Again, he was given the freedom to do it properly and his language was not dismissed as "too abstract" or "too inefficient". It's the culture, not the nationality or first language of the originator. Erlang was probably a big reason why Ericsson's exchanges sold so well; they were better.

I have to disagree that Pascal and Modula-2 were considered inefficient at the time. Both were used for real-time work – I've personally seen the firmware on a network card done in Modula-2.

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