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I'd prefer if the next language did not hail from the Anglosphere - every language from there (B, BCPL, Bliss, C, C++, perl, go, Swift) has lacked taste. Yet a succession of elegant things from other countries (Pascal, Modula-2, Simula-67, Ada, and probably if I knew them Erlang and OCaml) have sunk almost without trace. I quite like Python - guess what, it's originally from the Netherlands.

C++ is Danish, originally. And the reason why Pascal, Modula-2, Ada etc sank from trace was because they're runtime inefficient for most purposes. Ada is particularly cumbersome to run, and gets used only where there's little choice (safety / mission critical systems, like reactor control or flight control systems). Erlang has had success in telephony networks, an arena where European companies have been strong.

Elegance is all very well and good, but if there's money at stake elegance can be too expensive. Languages like C, C++, etc have an engineering or corporate background. Languages like Pascal, Modula-2, Ada, etc have an academic or committee background. Python was originally conceived as a replacement for a teaching language and, popular though it is, relies messily on C to be fast and has a distribution system that depends on having a compatible build environment for C installed.

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