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Machine-learning models trained on pre-COVID data are now completely out of whack, says Gartner

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That’s why ST stated that the tourism sector is well down. Domestic tourists unable to travel overseas and staycationing are not replacing the mass tourism and are spending local currency not buying it on arrival.

But people back in NZ are going to pubs and restaurants. My daughter in Dunedin (South Island of NZ was Covid free until some Russian fishermen in quarantine tested positive but that isn’t in the community) so she had to think where her masks were for a plane flight to Auckland, where a lot of the quarantine centres are and which has most of the associated outbreaks.

People are still working from home much more. My daughter (Bioinformatics) and her husband (web development/troubleshooting) are both working from home very much more because they can. So they’re not buying a coffee or lunch out so much. They buy a growler of beer instead of going out for a drink more often. If they had kids at home childminders etc. etc. would need to be paid. So the post Covid economy is different. If your pub has a microbrewery and you can fill a growler your okay. If you can’t patronage is probably a bit down.

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